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Quality Content is Key to Digital Publishing Business

Quality content is key when it comes to running a digital publishing business because the main product of your business is the information which you process and package in a readily consumable form or format for your customers.

To create a successful digital publishing business, therefore, you need to create content. And that content can take many forms such as written, audio, or video.

Quality content

The quality and relevance of content you create will literally make or break your digital publishing business. You must, I repeat MUST create as much content as possible and useful and quality for that matter. The more content you create, the more opportunities you have to make sales and generate revenue.

That means you need to become an expert at content creation.

Mastering the Art of Quality Content Creation

Whatever form of content you create, the process is the same. If you master the process of creating quality content quickly, then you will be well on your way to a successful digital publishing business because you will have more stuff to offer your customers.

Many people who are successful with digital publishing businesses are able to write the equivalent of two or three books every month. Many of these people are not the best writers in the world. That’s because you don’t have to be a very good writer to produce high-quality content!

The same applies to video and audio content. You simply need to be prolific, not necessarily great. The more prolific you are, the better.

Secret Process to Writing Content Fast and Easily

There is a simple, easy-to-follow process that will allow you to create quality content at this fast rate. It revolves around one thing: breaking things down into bite-size pieces.

There is an old saying about how do you eat an elephant? And it says

“You eat the elephant one bite at a time”, and that saying couldn’t be truer!

The same adage applies to create content for your digital publishing business. You must approach it in bite-size, easy to complete task schedules which, you could complete without realizing it.

Even to a professional and prolific writer, it is difficult to write a 100-page e-book. Let alone to talk about a nonprofessional writer like you and I, it could even seem impossible.  The truth, however, is that just about anyone – you inclusive – can write at least a one-page article of about 350 to 500 hundred words a 100 times.

Likewise, creating a seven-part video series may seem difficult and frightening. However, creating one 15-minute video seven times is not that difficult at all.

Those are examples of breaking things down into bite-size bits and pieces.

If you break the product down into bite-size pieces, it becomes MUCH easier to create a lot of high-quality content quickly. The smaller the pieces you can break down your content to, the easier they’ll be to tackle.

Fast eBook Content Creation Strategy

Let’s use an example of writing an eBook. Let’s say you’re going to write a 50-page e-book. How would you break this down?

One approach you can take is to write down a list of 15 topics. What are the 15 things you want to cover in your book?

Next, write down three subtopics for each topic. That means you should have around 45 topics written down. Once they’re written down, arrange them in some kind of logical order.

All you have to do now is write a page about each of those topics, plus an introduction and conclusion. Boom! You now have a table of contents.

All you have to do to write your book is go through each topic and write a one-page article 45 times. As you tackle each topic one by one, your book will come together.

The same applies to create audio or video. Just break it down. Once you get in the habit of doing this, you’ll be able to churn out lots of great content in no time at all, even if the idea of writing an eBook terrifies you!

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