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You might be thinking that there’s really not much of a difference between an infopreneur and a non-fiction author.  However, this is completely FALSE!

Costly Mistake- Failing to understand and embrace the advantages of the infopreneurial business model

First of all, there is a reason most infopreneurs make more money than most authors.  And the reason is that the underlying business model for infopreneurs is very different and far more effective, due to a handful of very powerful concepts.


Recap of the Major Differences between the Infopreneur and the Traditional Author:


Traditional Author

  • Infopreneur vs AuthorFirstly, infopreneurs have a direct connection to their customers and prospects.
  • Secondly, the infopreneurs want to sell to their customers again and again over time.
  • An infopreneur can be very successful in a highly specialized niche.
  • Infopreneurs will have a range of options and price points.
  • Infopreneurs can also leverage audio and video formats to deliver their information.
  • The infopreneurial approach is far more profitable and effective when compared to traditional authorship.
  • Authors don’t know who their customers are.
  • The Authors on the other hand typically sell to their customers one time.
  • Authors must try to appeal to the masses.
  • The Authors typically have one relatively low-dollar option (a book).
  • Authors are limited to the written word.
  • Lastly, the traditional authorship is far less profitable and less effective when compared to infopreneurial approach.

Advantages of Being an Infopreneur

  • You will be able to connect and communicate with your customers directly.
  • Your goal is to sell to the same customers over and over again.
  • You can have deeper content on specialized topics.
  • As an infopreneur, you can offer various product levels for stair-stepping.
  • You can leverage many product form factors like audio, text, and video.


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