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Finding Your Digital Publishing Passion

Do you know that you can actually earn from the results of your hard work in finding your digital publishing passion? And that is not the only goal that you will likely get in the process. If you feel like you are stuck in your current job, you have to rethink your life and where you are taking it. You are the driver of your own vehicle and you decide where you will go. But you are only human so you must be open for mistakes and other challenges that life may bring along your journey.

Living to earn is very different from earning a living. With the latter, you can be more adventurous. Life can be more fun, especially when you are pursuing the things that you really like and earning money in the process. This is the reason why people who have chosen an unlikely route just so they can earn a good amount of cash will likely feel the downside of their decision at some point on their lives journey.

Leave your Comfort Zone

Are you at a place where you feel like you are already too comfortable? This is not really a good thing. If you have been working the same job, which was not what you really wanted to do deep in your heart, through time, you will be able to master the craft. You will know how to work your way through the job where you won’t get into any trouble. You will get your job done, you will be paid, then you will have to work over and over again the same tasks every day. This set up may be giving you enough money to live by. But are your living the life that you really wanted to live? If not, then maybe it is time to get out of your comfort zone.

You have to take risks in order to know your capabilities and must not be afraid to fail because that is part of the whole game plan. You just have to learn from your own mistakes.

Earning from Your Digital Publishing Passion

If you really love what you are doing, you will eventually excel in doing it. You can even pursue your digital publishing passion as a side project aside from your real job. This is ideal for people who are afraid to lose their main source of income.

Your digital publishing passion can actually bring in more cash if you will be able to utilize it well to your advantage. For example, you are good at writing or painting. You only have to use your talents, hone them and sooner than later, you will surprise everyone that your passion has led you to more profitable sources of income.

If you will open yourself to these kinds of possibilities, there will come a time when you can comfortably choose your passion and drop the job that you don’t really like and earn as much as well. This is a very ideal situation because when you love what you are doing, it will show in the quality of work that you are producing. It will also reflect on how you live your life and your attitude towards anything that you may encounter as you go through it.

But setting the right goals and finding your passion may not be as easy as it seems to be. You really have to think hard about it so that you can be led to the right course.

How to Find Your Passion

Following your passion brings personal power and awakens yourself to the beauty of the world. It leads you to the heart of spiritual journey as it changes your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. Finding your passion does not promise an easy life though, but rather a rich life open to hopes and possibility. 

Speak your truths clearly

To find your passion you must speak your truths and ready yourself to new adventures. Know what really matters to you? What truly makes you happy? Know the things you do best and makes you feel complete.

Be open for support

You must also keep in mind that you are not an isolated being – you need the support of family, friends and positive-minded social circle that will help you reach your goals.

Open up your senses

When you open up your senses, you tend to experience God’s blessings and you feel more peaceful and serene. This allows you to be more patient and be reminded of the cycle of nature. When you experience this you become more positive and calm.

Give yourself a time for pleasure

Waking up in the morning away from busy schedules and having the freedom to do the things that bring you pleasure? To find your passion you must allow yourself a time for pleasure. For many people, allowing pleasures induces guilt as it is not productive and hinders you from getting important things accomplished. But this view of pleasure is actually a matter of opinion. Gentle pleasures are good for your health and are productive. By allowing yourself time for pleasure you become more focused and passionate in your job.

Liberate yourself –

A person who finds her passion is a truly wise person. Doing a work that reflects your personality and values promises you a lifelong happiness and contentment. It is easier and liberating when we accept who we are and we allow other people to accept us too. The human psyche is a holistic system, to numb one part of our being is to numb the rest and create constant struggle (Finding Joy, 15).

Feed yourself with affirmations –

Affirmations are important in finding your passion in life as it makes you feel secure and optimistic about reaching your goals. A lot of people don’t get to their destinations out of fear of failure. You should allow yourself to get upset by some downturns but remind yourself to pull yourself together past and get on track again. Some people might influence you into thinking negative. It’s not so easy to shut them out of your life. But it’s easier to practice blocking the negative energies that they bring into your life. It keeps your sanity.

Finding your passion is an endless song. When you do the things that you are passionate about you allow you to let your life to flourish. You let yourself connect to everything you are – in mind, in heart, and in spirit. This is because you are stronger and can face challenges better because you are reinforced by being able to do the things you love. You feel more alive, positive, self-respecting, and determined and you can live your life with confidence and high morale. And you feel you are contributing goodness and positivism to the people in your life. 

Popular Gurus Talking About Finding Your Passion

There are so many leadership speakers, psychologists, spiritual guides, authors, writers and specialists that will guide and help you in finding your passion. It’s a lifelong journey they say and each person consciously or unconsciously is in the constant struggle to this journey. Here are some of the popular gurus in the country which you can contact to attend discussions and self-improvement workshops:

Bill Jensen

He is an information architect and internationally renowned speaker with thirty years of experience in consulting. Aside from “What Is Your Life’s Work” he had also authored three other books: The Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage, The Simplicity Survival Handbook, and Work 2.0. His book “What Is Your Life’s Work” is a reminder of how short and precious our lives are and thus we need to recover our wisdom and work that brings us happiness and fulfillment.

The book detailed some cherished exchanges between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and caring teammates and friends all sharing their thoughts and experiences at work and life in general. His first book “Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage has been printed in over 15 languages and was among Amazon’s Best List Leadership/Management book in the year 2000. He is based in Morristown, NJ.

Janet Quinn, (Ph.D.)

She is a registered nurse and distinguished researcher of Therapeutic Touch. Her book “I Am a Woman Finding My Voice”: Celebrating the Extraordinary Blessings of Being a Woman is her first published book. It is a book of affirmations especially made for women which invite readers to reflect and find their passion in life. It draws readers to find inner space of solitude to become completely aware of one’s essential being.

Charlotte D. Kasl

She is a feminist, social justice activist and psychologist. Among her published books are “Finding Joy,” Many Roads, One Journey,” “Women, Sex, Addiction.”

“Finding Joy” is a spiritual guidebook that shows readers to live a more balanced and richer life. Her other book that talks about finding your passion is “Many Roads, One Journey,” another guidebook with 12-step program that offers help to readers to draw on the steps underlying wisdom based on personal beliefs and strengths. Charlotte believes of living life one day at a time. She says,” the only sure path is to live consciously, moment to moment, as you let go of the outcome.”

Nancy Anderson

She is a career consultant living in California. She is renowned for her book “Work with Passion: How to Do What You Love for a Living published in the year 2004. In 1976, she began as a career consultant and shared firm with two friends. After five successful years in the business, she decided to put up her own consulting business at which she also started working on the book “Work with Passion” based on her own and clients’ experiences.

Chris Widener

He is a well-known author and speaker who has been in the business of public speaking and leadership training for twenty years. Chris also founded the “Made for Success” leading personal development companies. He has authored nine books including “The Angel Inside,” a New York Times Bestseller about a young man in search of life’s meaning and purpose. Unexpectedly, in his last tour in Europe, he met an old man who had led him to the discovery on the art and life of Michelangelo. The artist and the artwork helped him to realize the hidden potential that exists in him. If you are in the process of finding your passion, this book is a great inspiration that will make you feel you are not alone in this quest.

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