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In this post on screen recording, I’ll be sharing with you some things I learned about screen recording that helped improve my lessons. Hopefully, these tips will help you create great lessons that capture your audience.

Tip #1: Don’t Get Lazy Doing Screen Recording

Doing screen recording is actually really easy. You can just pop open the program and hit record. Don’t get lazy. Make every lesson a high-quality lesson. Take the time to prepare nice presentations. Create an outline for your course. Do a practice run at least for the first lesson of the day. It’ll take more hard work, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

 screen recording

Tip #2: Take Breaks When Doing Screen Recording

It’s important for you to take breaks in between shooting and recording lessons. I’ve made the mistake of attempting to record 20 lessons in one day and it took a toll on me. My voice sounded increasingly tired in each successive video. The students began to notice and the number of views dropped. Don’t let the same thing happen to you. Take breaks. You could use the breaks to edit the video you’ve just done.

Tip #3: Stand While Recording Your Lessons

Your posture affects the sound of your voice. You want to sound energized. If you’re sitting or slouching you can sound tired and uninteresting without realizing it. However, if you stand you’re able to use your voice more effectively. You’ll sound more excited and be able to connect with your students better.

Tip #4: Be Flexible Doing Screen Recording

Screen recording affords you the option of recording your lessons anywhere. I have even recorded lessons in my car on a lunch break. The sound was actually quite good! Regardless of where you record the lesson, always ensure that it’s interesting and engaging. Don’t slap together some unoriginal content. You need to be energized and put time into creating a high-quality presentation.

Action Item Search YouTube for some screen recording videos or tutorials. Watch both the good and the bad presentations so that you can learn from both.

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