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In order to design quality presentations, there are four simple things that must form the foundation for building quality online teaching presentations: simplicity, uniqueness, a solid colour scheme and a unique theme. We will look at each of these points in more detail.

Simplicity of Your Quality Presentations

Your presentations should have a simple title, a few bullet points with no more than 5 words per point, and an image or short video. Each lesson should be consistent with a similar design. Use your voice, video and imagery more than you use text.

If you use more text than imagery and audio, your presentation will more than likely become boring and limit your audience. If students want to learn from reading PowerPoint slides they can do that somewhere else. That’s not going to sell courses. An example of an ideal presentation is shown in the image below.

quality presentations

Uniqueness of Your Presentations

People don’t want to see the same images and ideas repeated across different courses. Use high quality images from websites such as Shutterstock or iStock photo. Ensure that these images relate to your message and truly help you to stand out. An important point to note is that you need to ensure that you have the right to use the images you select. Regardless, give the photo source credit in your material.

Another strategy that you can use to make your presentations unique is more interesting fonts. I have used Sans Serif fonts like League Gothic and Open Sans. You can find other fonts at dafont.com or Google fonts. However, ensure that the font you use is clear so that your students don’t have difficulty reading you presentations.

 Choosing the Right Colours for Your Quality Presentations

It is important to choose the right colour scheme for your site. Pick a background colour that contrasts with the text colour. I suggest using solid colours for backgrounds. Stay away from patterned background. Also, stay away from using a white background with black test – boring! Go to Google and type in “bad PowerPoints”. You will see a link that directs you to Seth Godin’s presentation. I advise you to read the document because it will give you a clear idea of what bad PowerPoints look like. A sample of a good PowerPoint slide is show below.

Choosing a Unique Theme for Your Presentations Slides

Another good resource can be found at designshack.net. The site’s founder, Joshua Johnson, goes through the steps for designing a presentation for non-designers. One of the tips he mentions is to not use a built-in theme. Since they are so common, it’s quite likely that you’ll see a similar presentation in another course. You want to be unique right? I once created a course using a built-in template. Now I see that template used by other teachers, and I wish I spent a little more time to be more unique!

Action Item

Create your first PowerPoint quality presentations. Find the right images and fonts. Minimize your use of text and choose appropriate colours. You can even take your own photos and edit them. I have an Adobe Lightroom 5 Crash Course that takes you easily through the program so that you can edit amazing images.



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